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U.S.A   is the common word spoken by all the individual in this universe. Everyone one in this is aware of U.S.A the super power. United States of America  is a developed country due to economy and citizens, and  presence of lots places like paradise.

Change your life in U.S.A

U.S.A generates a lot of employment due to huge globalization in country and comes at top position when we talk about trade world no.1 exporter country. Many people’s from countries have low currency and less employment go to U.S.A to survive on the earth with better facilities. Life expectancy in the united state of America is 70.56 years which is great. It is third largest country in the world with a population 325 million


There is no official language in the US, although some states have official or preferred languages. English the dominant language and 90% of the population speaks at least some English.


The original settlers in America were often driven by a desire to find religious freedom and religion is still very important in America society.


Sports is an intrinsic part of American society both as a participation activity and for spectator. Baseball, Basket ball, Football and ice hockey are very popular, dominating TV schedules and drawings large crowd.


The country has trade relation with many other countries. Within that the trade with Europe and Asia is predominant. To fulfill the demands of the industrial sector, the country has to imports mineral oil and iron ore on a large scale. machinery

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